Manage Your Subscription

Please note, you can only purchase a subscription on the Pricing page.
Click the button below to go to the pricing page if you do not already have a subscription:

Once you have purchased a subscription you can use the "Manage Subscription" menu option in the Add-in to update your payment details and view your invoices.

To get started, navigate to the Help menu on the Add-in toolbar in Excel and select the "Manage Subscription" option:

Manage Excel Price Feed subscription menu option

When selected, the Customer Portal will open in a web browser. This dashboard is provided by our payment provider, Stripe, and is securely hosted on the Stripe website. All information and any details you enter are only visible to Stripe:

Excel Price Feed subscription dashboard

View Payment Plan

On the dashboard you can view your current subscription with renewal date:

View Excel Price Feed subscription payment plan

Change Payment Method

You can view and change your payment method. If you wish to change your card details press the "+ Add payment method" button:

View and change your Excel Price Feed subscription payment method

You can also remove a payment method by pressing the "x" button to the right of the payment method. Please ensure you have at least one payment method registered.

View Invoices

You can also view all past invoices for your subscription. To view the actual invoice, click the date and a new window will open with the invoice details where you can download a pdf copy for filing or printing:

View your Excel Price Feed subscription billing history

Cancel Subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time, simply press the "Cancel Plan" button as shown below:

Cancel your Excel Price Feed subscription

Please note you will be able to continue using the add-in for the rest of the period you have already paid for, however we don't provide partial refunds if the cancellation occurs partway through a month/year.