Excel Formula Reference: Stock Options

Excel Price Feed provides full access to the options data that is available on Yahoo Finance. The formulas below are for a single option, the Add-in also provides access to options chain data.

Yahoo Finance Excel Formulas Cash Flow From Operating Activities

You can use the standard Excel Price Feed formulas such as EPF.Yahoo.Price and EPF.Yahoo.DayChange etc. with option tickers. Please see the Yahoo Finance Excel Formulas page for more details.

In addition, there are some formulas which are specific to options. All of these formulas require just an options contract name, for example: =EPF.Yahoo.ExpireDate("AAPL200131C00320000")

Formula Description
EPF.Yahoo.Ask Current ask price.
EPF.Yahoo.Bid Current bid price.
EPF.Yahoo.ExpireDate The expiry date of the option.
EPF.Yahoo.Strike The strike price of the option.
EPF.Yahoo.OpenInterest Total open interest for the option.
EPF.Yahoo.UnderlyingTicker The underlying ticker of the option contract.

Option Tickers/Symbols

Excel Price Feed also provides a very useful formula for constructing option tickers / symbols.

An option ticker is made up of four parts:

  • Underlying ticker/symbol.
  • Expiry date of the option.
  • Type: Put or Call
  • Strike price

And these four parts are the parameters fot the EPF.OptionTicker formula:


The input parameters required are:

Parameter Description
Ticker The ticker for the instrument, eg "APPL" or "SPY".
Option Type Put or Call. Can be "Put" or "P" or "Call" or "C".
Expiry Date The expiry date of the option.
Strike Price The strike price of the option.

For example, say we are interested in an Apple 17 Jun 2022 Put at 155 strike. We can use this formula to construct the ticker/symbol:

=EPF.OptionTicker("AAPL","Put","17 Jun 2022",155)

Here was can see the formula in action in Excel:

Excel Price Feed Option Ticker Excel Formula