Excel Formula Reference: Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Risk Ratings

Excel Price Feed includes several formulas for providing ESG company risk ratings, via Yahoo Finance/Sustainalytics.

Investors are increasingly including these non-financial factors as part of their stock analysis and screening process. They are particularly useful for identifying risks or assisting with the construction of an ethical stock portfolio.

Low numbers indicate a low risk, whereas higher numbers indicate a higher risk:

ESG Risk Ratings scale

Here is an example of the ESG Risk Ratings for Apple on the Yahoo Finance website:

ESG Risk Ratings for Apple (AAPL)

ESG Risk Scores

All of these formulas require just a stock ticker, for example: =EPF.Yahoo.ESG.TotalScore("AAPL")

Formula Description
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.TotalScore Total ESG Risk Score.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.EnvironmentScore Environment Risk Score.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.SocialScore Social Risk Score.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.GovernanceScore Governance Risk Score.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.ControversyLevel Significant Controversy Level.

ESG Peer Performance Averages

Excel Price Feed also includes formulas for returning peer average scores so you can compare an individual company's ESG score with the average of its peers.

All of these formulas require just a stock ticker, for example: =EPF.Yahoo.ESG.EnvironmentScore.Peer("XOM")

Formula Description
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.TotalScore.Peer Peer Average ESG Risk Score.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.EnvironmentScore.Peer Peer Average Environment Risk Score.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.SocialScore.Peer Peer Average Social Risk Score.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.GovernanceScore.Peer Peer Average Governance Risk Score.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.ControversyLevel.Peer Peer Average Significant Controversy Level.

Product Involvement Areas

These formulas report whether a company is involved in a potentially controversial product area.

All of these formulas require just a stock ticker, for example: =EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.ThermalCoal("XOM")
and return true/false.

Formula Description
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.Adult Involvement in Adult
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.Alcoholic Involvement in Alcoholic
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.AnimalTesting Involvement in Animal
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.CatholicValues Involvement in abortion,
contraceptives, or
human embryonic stem cell
and fetal tissue research.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.ControversialWeapons Involvement in Controversial
Weapons .
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.SmallArms Involvement in Small Arms.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.FurLeather Involvement in Fur
and Speciality Leather.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.Gambling Involvement in Gambling.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.GMO Involvement in GMO.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.MilitaryContracting Involvement in Military
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.Nuclear Involvement in Nuclear.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.Pesticides Involvement in Pesticides.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.PalmOil Involvement in Palm Oil.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.ThermalCoal Involvement in Thermal Coal.
EPF.Yahoo.ESG.Involvement.Tobacco Involvement in Tobacco.