Live and streaming financial prices in your Excel spreadsheet.

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Real-time Prices

Utilise streaming or on-demand real-time (or delayed) prices in your spreadsheet using simple Excel formulas.

Automated Trading

Build your own automated trading system with VBA functions for live prices, historic data and trade management.

Portfolio Valuation

Automatic valuation of your stock portfolio and trading positions.

Complete Excel Integration

Excel Price Feed is distributed as an Excel Add-in and provides a comprehensive additional tab within Excel as well as a set of new Excel functions.

Comprehensive market coverage

Excel Price Feed provides real-time (or delayed depending on provider) prices from Yahoo Finance, IEX and IG Index for most financial markets including stock indices, mutual funds, forex, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

Easy to Use & Customize

If you can use Excel then you can use Excel Price Feed, no programming or VBA required.

Excel Price Feed provides a set of simple to use Excel functions, for example:


will populate an Excel cell with the current stock price of Apple.

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We'll never share your email with anyone else.