FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

System Requirements

What are the system requirements for using Excel Price Feed?

The Add-in works only with the Windows version of Excel; the minimum version supported is Excel 2007.

If you wish to use the Add-in on an Apple Mac, then you can use Parallels for the Mac which enables the Windows version of Excel to run on a Mac.

Can I use the Excel Price Feed Add-in on multiple machines?

No, each subscription is valid for one machine only in order to avoid the sharing of subscriptions between multiple users.

If for some reason you need to change machine and move the Add-in to your new computer, please get in touch with us.

Data Sources

Are there any extra charges that I need to pay to the Data Providers?
Only one provider, EODHistoricalData.com, requires a paying subscription in order to access their data. There are no extra charges that you need to pay to Yahoo Finance, IG Index or Nasdaq.
What market data sources are included?

The Add-in can currently connect to 4 data sources:

Yahoo Finance IG Index / IG Markets EODHistoricalData.com Nasdaq
Additional Charge No No Yes No (optional)
User Account Required No Yes Yes Yes
Intraday Data Yes Yes No No
Fundamental Data Yes No Yes No
Streaming Market Data No Yes No No
Historical Data Yes Yes Yes Yes
Real time Client Sentiment Data No Yes No No
Historical Client Sentiment Data No Yes No No
Do I need to have an IG Index account to use the Excel Price Feed add-in?
You only need an IG Index account if you want to access data provided by IG Index. If you only require data from Yahoo Finance or Nasdaq, then you don't need an IG Index account.
The only exception is historical Client Sentiment data. We source this data from IG Index but we store it on our side so you don't need an IG Index account to access it.
Do you provide Client Sentiment Data?
Yes, we provide both real time and historical Client Sentiment data that we source from IG Index. In order to access the real time Client Sentiment Data you need an IG Index account. However, you do NOT need to have an IG Index account to access the historical Client Sentiment Data.

Because IG Index does not make available Client Sentiment data historically, we download Client Sentiment data on an hourly basis and store it. That way we can make it available to our customers.

Please note that depending on the market, the earliest date for which we have historical data might differ (depending on when we started collecting it). In addition, we cannot guarantee the completeness of this data as there might be small gaps (in cases where for connectivity or other reasons, we failed to acquire it).

Free Trials

Do you need my credit card details in order to start a free trial?
No, we don't require credit card details to start a trial. The only information we require is your email address so we can send you a Trial Activation Code.
What happens after I've requested a free trial?
You will receive an email with an Activation Code. Detailed instructions on how to download, install and activate Excel Price Feed are here. The 10 day trial only starts once you have activated the Add-in.
What happens once the free trial has expired?
If you haven't yet purchased a subscription, the Excel Price Feed Add-in will stop working and you will no longer be able to receive financial prices through the Add-in.

Pricing and Billing

How do I purchase a subscription?
You can see details of our pricing and purchase a subscription on the Pricing page. Select the subscription that suit your needs, you will then be prompted to enter your email address and payment details. Please enter the same email address you used to sign up for the trial. On receipt of a successful payment your subscription will start immediately.
Is your payment engine secure?

The payment system (or "payment gateway") that we rely on is Stripe. Stripe is used by millions of companies to handle their payments.

The details relating to your payment information are transmitted over a secure encrypted connection with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) directly to the payment platform. For this reason, at no time during the purchase procedure are we able to know, and then to keep on file, your credit card number, which is transmitted directly to Stripe.

How do I change my payment method or view my payment history and invoices?
The Add-in includes a link to your personal Subscription Dashboard where you can change your payment method and view your payment history.
How do I cancel a subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time using the online Customer Portal. You will be able to continue using the add-in for the rest of the period you have already paid for. We don't provide partial refunds if the cancellation occurs partway through a month/year.


What support is available?
Email support is available for all trial and subscription users (hello@coderun.net). We also monitor the Excel Price Feed Support Forum which we encourage you to post any questions to or discuss any aspect of the product.
Priority and telephone/Skype support can be arranged for an additional monthly fee.
Do you provide any training?
We can provide training catered to your needs. Please contact us to discuss.
Do you provide consultancy services?
Yes, we can certainly help you automate a trading system or build a real-time portfolio using Excel Price Feed. Please contact us to discuss.