Excel Formula Reference: Cash Flow

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All these formulas require both a stock ticker and reporting year, for example: =EPF.Yahoo.AnnualEarnings("MSFT",2019)

Yahoo Finance generally provides the past 4 years reported data.

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Cash Flows from Operating Activities

Formula Description
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualEarnings Net Income / Earnings.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualDepreciationAndAmortization Depreciation & Amortization.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualDeferredIncomeTax Deferred Income Tax.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualStockBasedCompensation Stock based compensation.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualChangeInWorkingCapital Change in working capital.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualAccountsReceivable Accounts Receivable.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualInventory Inventory.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualAccountsPayable Accounts payable.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualFreeCashFlow Free cash flow / other working capital.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualOtherNonCashItems Other non cash items.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualTotalCashflowsFromOperatingActivities Total Cashflows from operating activities.

Cash Flows from Investing Activities

Formula Description
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualCapitalExpenditures Investments in property, plant and equipment / Capital Expenditures.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualAcquisitions Acquisitions / purchases of businesses.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualPurchasesOfInvestments Purchases of investments.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualSalesOfInvestments Sales / maturities of investments.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualOtherCashflowsFromInvestingActivities Other Cashflows from investing activities.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualTotalCashflowsFromInvestingActivities Total Cashflows from investing activities.

Cash Flows from Financing Activities

Formula Description
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualDebtRepayment Debt repayment.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualCommonStockIssued Common stock issued.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualCommonStockRepurchased Common stock repurchased.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualDividendsPaid Total dividends paid.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualOtherFinancingActivities Other financing activities.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualTotalCashflowsFromFinancingActivities Total Cashflows from financing activities.

Other Cash Flow Data

Formula Description
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualChangeInCash Annual change in cash.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualBeginningCashPosition Annual beginning cash position.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualEndCashPosition Annual end cash position.