Excel Formula Reference: Balance Sheet

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All these formulas require both a stock ticker and reporting year, for example: =EPF.Yahoo.AnnualCurrentLiabilities("GOOG",2018)

Yahoo Finance generally provides the past 4 years reported data.

Formula Description
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualAssetsTotalCash Assets: total cash.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualCurrentAssets Current assets.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualNetPropertyPlantEquipment Net property, plant and equipment.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualTotalNonCurrentAssets Total non-current assets.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualTotalAssets Total assets.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualCurrentLiabilities Total current liabilities.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualLongTermDebt Long Term Debt.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualTotalNonCurrentLiabilities Total non-current liabilities.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualTotalLiabilities Total liabilities.
EPF.Yahoo.AnnualStockholdersEquity Stockholders equity.