Excel Formula Reference: EODHistoricalData.com Stocks Financial Analysis

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Excel Price Feed provides Excel formulas for financial analysis (both annual and quarterly) , including Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow data for a large range of stocks across many different exchanges and countries.

This feature enables you to easily analyse company reported earnings/results in Excel using simple Excel formulas.

For example, here is an extract of the Microsoft annual results from our sample spreadsheet (click the Excel icon above to download):

Microsoft stock financial analysis in Excel

And here is an extract of quarterly results for Microsoft, again from our sample spreadsheet:

Microsoft stock quarterly reported results in Excel

Please note you need an active subscription with EODHistoricData.com to access this data.

Annual Reported Financial Results

For annual reported results these formulas require a symbol/exchange and year. For example:

=EPF.EOD.IncomeStatement.TotalRevenue("AAPL.US", 2019)

Will return the 2019 annual revenue for Apple.

Quarterly Reported Financial Results

For quarterly reported results you need to also specify a quarter. For example:

=EPF.EOD.IncomeStatement.TotalRevenue("MSFT.US", 2020, 3)

Will return the 2020 3rd quarter revenue for Microsoft.

The "quarter" number determines which period the companies quarter ended. The table below shows how the quarter numbers correspond to months:

Quarter Description
1 Quarter ends in either January, February or March.
2 Quarter ends in either April, May or June.
3 Quarter ends in either July, August or September.
4 Quarter ends in either October, November or December.

General Formulas

There are two useful formulas which can be used to return the end date for the earnings (i.e. year or quarter end) as well as the date the earnings were filed:

Formula Description
EPF.EOD.EarningsEndDate Reporting Period End Date
EPF.EOD.EarningsFilingDate Filing Date

Income Statement Formulas

Formula Description
EPF.EOD.IncomeStatement.TotalRevenue Total Revenue
EPF.EOD.IncomeStatement.CostOfRevenue Cost of Revenue
EPF.EOD.IncomeStatement.GrossProfit Gross Profit
EPF.EOD.IncomeStatement.ResearchAndDevelopmentExpense Research And Development
(R&D) Expense
EPF.EOD.IncomeStatement.OperatingIncome Operating Income
EPF.EOD.IncomeStatement.InterestExpense Interest Expense
EPF.EOD.IncomeStatement.NetIncome Net Income

Balance Sheet Formulas

Formula Description
EPF.EOD.BalanceSheet.Cash Cash
EPF.EOD.BalanceSheet.Inventory Inventory
EPF.EOD.BalanceSheet.CurrentAssetsTotal Total Current Assets
EPF.EOD.BalanceSheet.NonCurrentAssetsTotal Total Non-current Assets
EPF.EOD.BalanceSheet.IntangibleAssets Intangible Assets
EPF.EOD.BalanceSheet.AssetsTotal Total Assets
EPF.EOD.BalanceSheet.CurrentLiabilitiesTotal Total Current Liabilities
EPF.EOD.BalanceSheet.LongTermDebt Long Term Debt
EPF.EOD.BalanceSheet.LiabilitiesTotal Total Liabilities

Cash Flow Formulas

Formula Description
EPF.EOD.CashFlow.CashFlowOperatingActivities Cash Flow
from Operating Activities
EPF.EOD.CashFlow.CashFlowInvestingActivities Cash Flow
from Investing Activities
EPF.EOD.CashFlow.CashFlowFinancingActivities Cash Flow
from Financing Activities
EPF.EOD.CashFlow.ChangeInCash Net Change In Cash
EPF.EOD.CashFlow.CapitalExpenditure Capital Expenditure
EPF.EOD.CashFlow.DividendsPaid Dividends Paid
EPF.EOD.CashFlow.StockBuybacks Stock Buybacks